Baby Cham & Bounty Killer


Another hit has been brewing in the legendary Madhouse Records studio as veteran dancehall entertainers Baby Cham and Bounty Killer show off their lyrical prowesses while demonstrating the significance of embracing authentic Jamaican dancehall culture on their latest collaboration Blood Clxxt.


Produced by Dave Kelly, MadHouse Records.

Performed by Baby Cham & Bounty Killer

Directed by Shane Creative @shanecreative



Everything’s different but nutten don’t change
When people under pressure, people act strange
Now everybody stress out and people distraught
Dem a treat wi like wi a afterthought, mek mi cuss

(Blood Claat)
Bay tings a happen and nobody naa talk
And some a di killer dem a move so dark
Caa when dem a hunt like hawk
No woman and no kids cyaa walk, mek mi cuss
(Blood Claat)

A new one pop up weh nuh have no heart
Den somebody drop him and him leak out quart But yuh know di wickedest part
Government a chat bay fart, mek mi cuss
(Blood Claat)

When duppy guh fah all di granny get kill
Tun it pon di house yeah man a bay blood spill
And people yuh done know di drill,
Some rich bwoy a thief money still, suh dem skill? (Blood Claat)

Bredda watch yuh back when yuh a park
Switch up unoo ride a dat di pussy dem a stalk
If a cop stop yuh nuh stop a nuh weh dark
Jamaica law write ina chalk (a di talk)
(Blood Claat)

Minister a thief and di pussy get caught
How that fi happen and nobody naa wrath
But a suh di riot a guh start
Di whole a dem lie nuh bombart, mek mi cuss
(Blood Claat)

Police have gun but dem gun too short
Another body end up on another handcart
And crime rate is off a di chart
And our leader dem nuh two smart, weh mi seh
(Blood Claat)

Den dem a pretend like di pressure naa build
How it aguh guh when everybody cup fill
And anytime dem cyaa pay dem bill
Sorry fi who live pon di hill …Nannyville!
(Blood Claat)

Mi a tell unoo fi watch di devil fork
Watch weh dem a touch yuh dem wi lef dem devil mark
If yuh nuh even have a likkle pup weh can bark
Dem wi nyam yuh likkle food like shark, watch di walk
(Blood Claat)

Cham tings a happen and nobody naa talk
Caa di likkle killer dem a move too dark
Suh when unoo a stalk like hawk
Leave di likkle kids in di park, weh mi seh
(Blood Claat)

Wah dat dem a buss dah one den sound like dart Donavon and Belly get dem head top part
A scammer money mek di war start
But mi si dem pon di news a chat fart, mek mi cuss
(Blood Claat)


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