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2Gran TV is a channel created to make you aware of How to party in jamaica. So, when you visit my channel you will be able to see interesting and fun Jamaica Dancehall Party Videos, Dancehall Reggae Videos, Jamaican Dancehall Reggae Videos and more. Personally, I was inspired to become a videographer around 20 years ago, and ever since I have recorded hundreds of videos. My videos are aimed to capture the party culture of Jamaica, so on my Youtube channel you will see videos of Jamaica dancehall parties which could include weekly parties arranged in Kingston Jamaica.

Jamaican night life is full of music, fun and adventure but the true essence is never really captured. With videos on my channels you will be able to see famous dancer DJ party events and a real picture of How We Party Everynight in Jamaica and how we life nightlife.

Jamaican dancehall party is not known to many as there is limited information out there and to promote the party culture of Jamaica I am going to cover the different Jamaica dance parties and events and upload the videos on youtube. If you like the videos and the party style of Jamaican’s maybe you can book yourself for a Jamaica Dancehall party.


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