Knaxx performed his controversial song “Uptown” in one of the most upscale area primarily known as Norbrook in Kingston, Jamaica. Moreover, the rich lifestyle portrayed in this music video is an epitome of what the youths of this generation should replicate.

song available on all major streaming platforms and digital outlets :

Produced By Jungle Jesus Entertainment
Instrumental By: @yowmxguel, Uppaechelon & @junglejesus__
Mixed and mastered By: PrinceVilla
Video shot and edited by: Ovationlab & Djfrankco

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All a mi killer dem uptown
All a Mi bad bitch uptown
Jungle u know dem type a living ya ready Breda

Talk cheap
Nuh bada seh ntn bro
If uno nah dweet
Dial leads often nothing Cah reap
A broke choppa dem
Nuh bade from last week
Mi get e farmila ask me
All a mi nigga dem a ship keys
Bad Clark’s deh pon mi rip jeans
4pocket dem fulla fifty’s

Fi we style uptown
We nuh too shopping ntn downtown
We nuh wife run roun
Fi we style uptown
Bimma lifestyle wid a few crown
Fuck a weh u bitch ino u too fool
Violate an we lick u crown
Jungle put e Hunda ina e sports mood
Dondre ready tun e place ghost town
Rich yuh fuck u pour
we life up town

Buisness a run 9.58
Fly out weh day
Jus fi get a few gears
Dem dear
A Who a seh a polo fi days
No no no noooooo noo
Dat a sump mi nuh wear
Mi Cologne alone dat cent up e place
A mi eye get u gal wen she look ina mi face
We different u nuh seet seh A blue pon e plate
Real yard man but mi style dem up state


All a mi nigga dem uptown
All a mi bad bitch uptown
We a live a uptown life
We a live a uptown Ye
Private jet
Private house
An private cars fi weee
Anyweh we guh we ave we money

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