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Yuh 3 point 14 tight ie
Gyal angle yuh back 90
Pussy degrees hotter than di pepper scotch ie Dondadda woulda fuck yuh pon a back seat Back seat
Put it in pull it out camera
Gyal fuck pon fi scene in deep pussy dream Bruk ya back
Buss liver buss spline
When di bullet hit ur belly in

Mi no stop pon di block
Mi love a man who dont stop
Pon di top dont stop
From di back drill di whole contracter

Pussy weh mi give yuh it no normal
Throat fuck up when mi come ina continuos Iss a stick stick
Boy put yuh hands up
When yuh slide inna di ting electricity conduct And mi batty fat
Wait till di ting rise up
Shelly belly flat she have a miami tumny tuck

Clock work

Bad gyal wine and flick it off
Pon di buddy yuh fi travel and split it off
Split lik Bruk it off pop it off and slap it off
Lilli pop haffi come hard do no come soft

Push it in tek it out
Boy mi wah yuh push it in tek it off
Legs to di sky with my 10 toes
Pussy haffi get stroke

Boy boy boy
When me ride ride ride
This ya tight tight tight uku bit ana bite
Send it up up up
Send it up like a kite a no 5 ano 10 Issa a 100 precise

Clock work

Ah saw di body inflate
When dem see mi gyrate
Mi like when them bend up pan di cock and inna trait
Me and Anuh man ah fxck inna 52 state

Good hole mi grip
Mi nuh keep dutty mate

Boy love it
Love it

Bend di cocky one side
Gal a try fi di work
But She never qualify

All di pastor see this and Anna try fi backslide

Ride me ah ride
Me nuh fuck , me nuh hide

Ah suh me Brace it
And sidong pon di top

In a truck ina rain, all ina treetop

Mek noise siren,
Someone call di cop
Work me ah work Bumpa mi nuh stop

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