Yaksta x Emudio Records – Clap (Official Video)
Produced by: Emudio Records
Visuals by: Rd Studios

@Official Yaksta
Yaksta – Clap (Official Music Video)

Say seh wah bush lawd
But that a rum chat.
Seh She ago mek mi bust pow laka gun shot
Give har the spare cause mana hunter
Ano spoiler mi ago put pan yo bumpa.

Mek I clap, flingy deh suh meky clap
What’s that do cap
Baby meky clap
Empress meky clap
Flingy deh suh mek

Vs. 1)
From a lumber yo wah come checky hardware.
No panty weh seh seh she nah wear
(No ganzy)
Weh mi ago gio shoulda geti last year
Put in the wuk then yo getti false.
“fire couple corn from yo body wah grains
big laka wah yeah di johnny cause pain
wild crocks ano pet mi nuh caty cyaa tame
Mek yo ass duh the gesture when smady gwaan good….
(Do the gesture wid it like when smady gwaan great).

Vs. 2)
Hot like oil gyal hell is on earth
Seam Mia put up ina Shelly-aan skirt
from we guh raw dawg get every pampers
(From she guh hotdwag)
She nuh need cover girl already have curves
“Detol dung wi nuh duh the germs
Thick and sturdy yo body never Sherms
If mi cyaa get it fully miwi teki pan terms
Just Gimi access mi full it upa (Aaaahhh)


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